San Luis Obispo County

Free Self-Help Legal Resources

Catholic Charities
(805) 541 9110

The local Catholic Charities offer consultations, immigration assistance (mainly family immigration, green card, citizenship), and rent and utility assistance.

Creative Mediation Services/ SLO Solutions
(805) 549 0442

SLO Solutions offers local mediation services between Parent/Child, Real Estate, and Landlord/Tenant.

(Mediation services only, cannot give legal advice)

Lawyer Referral and Information Service
(805) 541 5502 (Mon – Fri. 9am – 1pm)

LRIS is a service sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Bar Association. LRIS is designed to provide attorney referrals as well as information bout other legal services available to the public.

Law Line SLO

Law Line SLO is operated by intern volunteers. It serves as a legal referral service for San Luis Obispo County. Occasionally, Law Line SLO is able to secure pro bono attorneys for low income residents in need of legal council.

California Rural Legal Assistance
SLO office: (805) 544 7994
Paso Robles office: (805) 239 3708

California Rural Legal Assistance has five divisions and operates in both San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles. Each division can assist in the following areas:

Civil Rights: Rights for minorities, persons with disabilities, and other constitutionally protected persons

Education: Students’ rights and special education placement problems, suspensions, and expulsions.

Health and Family Well-Being: Unemployment insurance benefits, state disability insurance (SDI); CalWORKs, General Assistance, food stamps, Medi-Cal, CAPI, Social Security and SSI, and health related issues with medical services.

Housing: Tenants’ rights, sub-standard housing issues, lockouts and utility shut-offs by landlords, housing discrimination, farm worker housing, rent deposit refunds and limited eviction defense. However, they only represent tenants in “landlord/tenant” issues.

Labor and Employment: Minimum wage and overtime claims, working conditions, retaliation, sexual harassment, and employees’ rights.

(No Bankruptcy)

SLO County Small Claims Adviser
(805) 781 5858

The Small Claims adviser assists parties in completing small claims forms, answering procedural questions, and identifying legal resources and publications. The adviser may be offering advice to both plaintiff and defendant on the same claim. The adviser is not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice.

Senior Legal Services
(805) 543 5140

Senior Legal Services provides free legal services for people over the age of 60. Counselors are available by appointment only the first Monday of each month from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Bring your questions and concerns about MediCal, Social Security, or other legal issues, and discuss them in a private, confidential environment. Call for an appointment.

Superior Court Reception Desk
(805) 781 5143

San Luis Obispo County Self-Help Center
(805) 543 5140

If you do not have an attorney, the Self-Help Center can help with family law, guardianship, civil harassment, and name change cases. Then cannot give you legal advice; however, they can answer your questions about legal forms and procedures. Spanish speaking.

North County Women’s Shelter and Resource Center
1030 Vine St. Paso Robles Ca 93446
(805) 226 5400

Fax (805) 226 5401

1030 Vine St. Paso Robles Ca 93446new number (805) 226-5400Fax (805) 226-5401The North County Woman’s Shelter and Resource Center can assist woman with domestic violence, restraining orders, counseling, resources related to divorce, bankruptcy etc.

SLO County Family Law Facilitator
(805) 788 3418

The Family Law Facilitator can assist parents and children involved in family law cases including partner support problems, custody, and visitation. The family law facilitator can also provide you with the necessary court forms and assist you in filling them out.

San Luis Obispo County Department of Child Support Services
(805) 781 5734

The Department of Child Support Services establishes paternity and court orders for child and medical support, and enforces these court orders by collecting support from non-custodial parents.

San Luis Obispo Superior Court Self-Help

San Luis Obispo Superior Court offers additional assistance, referrals, and self-help guides for residents on it’s website.

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  1. Sara Merrill says:

    Hello I am the Legal Services Coordinator & Client Advocate for North County Women’s Shelter. We wanted to let you know that we moved
    1030 Vine St. Paso Robles Ca 93446
    new number (805) 226-5400
    Fax (805) 226-5401

  2. billy walker says:

    iam a disabled vet, i need a name change ,too my birth name, i have all documentation.

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